Friday, January 5, 2007


There is a long hard Road follows for behind me,Its so cold and I’m about to die, Chasing a dream around the world Its got me feeling down. Though it use to make me high

Looking for an answers searching for the truth, In an ocean of lies.Trying to find a reason to make the hole thing right, will make you old before your time.

When I was younger,I thought I ruled the world , but it was an oyster at my feet, Dancing to my own drum, fishing out the pearl wish I would have been much more discreet. I've lived a lifetime, acting out apart, Its been a long uphill climb,

now all the things that use to mean so much to me has got me old before my time, And wondering aimlessly,wondering down, would it ever be much different now, remind me of the past,
I slip into a dream, funny things ain`t never what they seem, Living like a children, never doing what we are told, Would not hessitate to take a chance,That Road behind me now was paved with fool’s gold.....!!!

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